An Effective Solution for Delivering a Deeply Impacted Fetal Head

Fetal Pillow® is a balloon cephalic elevation device for use in Cesarean sections performed during the second stage of labor. It was created to elevate the fetal head and facilitate delivery of the fetus in women requiring a C-section at full dilation, or those requiring a C-section after a failed instrumental vaginal delivery.1

Prepare for technical challenges and complications that may arise during second stage C-sections

A Cesarean section at full dilation with a fetal head deeply impacted in the pelvis is a challenge every labor and delivery team must be equipped to address.

May Reduce Overall Treatment Costs2,8

Can reduce complications and may save up to $1,200 per patient.2,3,4,5,6


of physicians would recommend use of
the Fetal Pillow7

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