Elevate a Deeply Engaged Fetal Head During Second Stage C-sections6

Fortunately difficult deliveries do not occur everyday, but we try to be prepared should they arise. A prolonged second stage of labor resulting in Cesarean section is becoming more prevalent, and with this comes a greater risk of maternal and fetal morbidity.3,4,5 A Cesarean section at full dilation with a fetal head deeply impacted in the pelvis is a challenge every labor and delivery team must be equipped to address.

Fetal Pillow® is a balloon cephalic elevation device for use in Cesarean sections performed during the second stage of labor. It was created to elevate the fetal head and facilitate delivery of the fetus in women requiring a C-section at full dilation, or those requiring a C-section after a failed instrumental vaginal delivery.6

The use of Fetal Pillow can reduce maternal and fetal complications in a full dilation Cesarean section,1 enable elevation of a deeply engaged head,7 and can decrease uterine incision extensions preventing blood loss for the mother along with higher Apgar scores and fewer NICU admissions for the baby.1,7

Fetal Pillow®

Reduces Risk

The use of Fetal Pillow can reduce maternal and fetal complications in a full dilation Cesarean section.1

Reduction in Maternal Morbidity1

Reduction in Fetal Morbidity1

Effective and Efficient

May offer financial savings through a reduction in hospital resources used; including length of stay, and reduced time in the OR.1,7

Reduction in Hospital Resources Used1


Easy to Use

“Use of the Fetal Pillow allows a significant shift from the expected difficulty in delivering the fetal head to an actual ease of delivery”1


of physicians would recommend use of
the Fetal Pillow8

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